Summer school


Here is how summer school begins in our school and it’s fairytail garden. First of all kindergarden and elementary school children are aspected to join us in nature centered, homelike environment, spiced up with a camp mood. Every week a new theme is developed with the help of our best tool: games and plays.

Themes and dates:

June 27 – July 1 – The island of peace


July 4-8. – I’m a gardening

July 11-15. – What an adeventure!

July 18-22. – The secrets of our garden

July 25-29. – Treasure island


August 1-5. The river meanders

August 8-12. Treasure hunt

August 15-19. Crowded city

August 22-26. So long summer!

The summer school fee is 250 Ron + food. Places are limited and filled by the order of enrolments. Furder information at or call tel. 0745372676.

Green Earth, Camp for Primary School Students


The Green Earth themed camp for primary school students was a succesful experience. Despite the rainy weather conditions we had the opportunity to play outside and inside as well. Experiencing composting, it’s effects and benefits was helpful to understand how this factor works. Practising selectiv garbage collection from reusable waste was exited. Children had many great ideas on how to reuse different things. Taking care of the new seedlings was a challenge, watching it grow, waiting. We also had the chance to distinguish weeds from other useful plants. Go Green!!!

kornyezettudatos eletmod

Good-bye Winter Party

We sad good-bye to winter during a wonderfull party in the kindergarten. Aplauses were continuos during the presentatios of families, prepared with stories of fairy-tale heroes. After the succes of presentations the party went on with folk music and folkdances leading by Csatari Erika. The homemade donuts were gone in seconds, thanks to the hungry kids. At the end of the party everybody watched how the winter puppet is being burned, anouncing that spring  soon will arrive.
Thanks to the enthusiastic families, to the folk band and Erika for charming us with their presence, making the afternoon unforgetable!!!

mikó óvoda farsang

Camp for primary school students


During the one week break between semesters,  we organize the STORIES theme camp for primary school students in our organization.  Every day a story will be processed with the help of experiential education, drama, puppets,  movements and creative art. We believe that this break is an opportunity for children to detach from the daily routines. That’s why we offer a homelike atmoshere for new experiences, knowledge and the possibility to make new friends during activities that are exiting and relaxing as well.

If the weather conditions allow us these activities will be held in our pretious garden, and we also offer the opportunity  of afternoon nap, or helping out with the homework.

Waiting to meet you all curious, friendly and playful children, every day from 7.00 am. untill 8.00 pm. between 8-12 February!!!

Participation fee: 200 ron + food

Information:, 0745372676

Winter is here


Winter with it’s bright snow and blushing faces has became everyones favourite season by this time of the year. As we enjoy it, it would be better to have a winter extension party then a spring coming one!

mikó óvoda tél

Children found the best way to slide on the snow in our yard. Even the sceptical ones decided to take their chances with the snow and started to tame their sliding equipments, with a little encouragment.

Mikó óvoda télThe life circle of the snow man shows different stages each day, thanks for the kids. And our neighbourns, the birds are not forgetten either, since homemade fineness is delivered to them daily. We love Winter!!!


Fall-school camp


This year in the autumn break children can attend our Board games themed camp. We offer indoor and outdoor boardgaming opportunities for children who choose to take a meanfull break. It’s the perfect opportunity for children to socialize in a non tiring way, since they are living their most active time in their lifes. The lounging corner, the reading time, crafting table are other possibilities to have a good time in our home. If the weather is kind with us, activities are to be held in the garden, enjoying the sun and fresh air!!! We are waiting for everyone who is curious, friendly, and willing to jump in the game!!!!

Harvest festival


Autum’s surrounding treasures make it worthy of celebrating. Taking advantage of this opporunity, the members of the daycare, it’s personal and guests had the time of their live on a beautiful autumn day. While the gulash was boiling guests were attending exciting games or peeking into the daycare. This experience uploaded everyone to last for the rainy weekdays.

How we grow together…


This time we had the opportunity for parents to meet and get to know each other. We got the chance to work on our flower garden, to use gardening tools, and also to make beautiful crafts out of organic materials. Eating a lot of fruits was our first step to a healthy lifestyle, so we made a habit of it. We are into making our kindergarten as homey as possible!!!

masodk het