Family, community


The topic of this week was the family. During the activities, we talked about our family members, as well as how we help our mother, father, brother or grandmother. We surprised our preschoolers with a special tale about our kindergarten being like a big family in which we turn to each other helpfully, kindly and affectionately.



We invited the kids to a fun activity that the whole family could take part in. We made a family hand picture in which it was possible to observe who has a bigger hand, how the colors mix and how the soap foam will be colored.


Our nannies gave us a wonderful recipe for elder syrup, as this treat is very popular in our kindergarten. But exercise couldn’t be left out of our week either. Our physiotherapist showed us a special and very easy to do ball tournament. Not only proper exercise but also proper nutrition is very important for our health. Our smiling nurse gave tips on how to smuggle healthy sweets into our diet.


January 2020 at Our Kindergarten


In Miko Kindergarden we started the new year with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The starting days were full of story telling about the Holidays. The following days we started to study the circle of a year, including seasons, months and the concept of the passing time.

Based on children’s experiences we spiced up the facts with a lot of role playing, movement,songs and rhymes. The kids had a lot of knowledge of the seasons and we added to this a lot of fun experiences.

This winter gave us the best opportunity to enjoy the snow. Each day spent sliding or making snow balls and practising winter activities was very enjoyable. Snowy activities are the best and you never get tired of it as a child!

Our Extraordinary Christmas Celebration (2019)


On December 17, 2019 was organized our unusual Christmas Celebration, when instead of the children the parents had surprised us with their puppet-shows.  They prepared for this big event a lot with great enthusiasm and the shows were big successes indeed.

Parents from group Miko II: The Owl, Who Was Afraid of The Dark


Parents from group Miko I: Three Pine


Parents from group Miko III: The Animal’s Christmas

After the puppet-shows we sang Christmas carols together and we burn sparkles, which has gave the night an extraordinary festive mood.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


We are prepared a lot to the arrival of white bearded, red dressed Santa Claus. We talked about our wishes but also about our benefactions, and, of course we learned a lot of songs about Santa.

On the big day the children cleaned their shoes and they went to bed with big expectations.

After the children woke up they found their presents in the shoes and they opened it excitedly. Because all of the children were good they gave a lot of presents.


Preparations for Advent


Like in every year, it was organized the preparation for Advent in this year too in our kindergarten. This is an occasion for the parents, children and teachers to prepare together for the most wonderful season of the year. The Christmas songs, the smell of the gingerbread, the decoration created a familiar environment. We talked a lot about the meaning of Advent and the waiting, and what the candles on the Advent crown symbolize. Beside the candy in the Advent calendar we hide a story too, so the waiting will be much more exciting. The afternoon together with was a great experience for the children.

St. Martin’s Day celebration 2019


The annual St Martin’s Day celebration was organized again for the fifth time by the Association for an Innovative Education and the Mikó Daycare. The Central Park of Cluj Napoca was lit by a multitude of lanters made by the children. The participants of the celebration had a chance to take part in the march with the lanters, grab some simple but delicious snacks and warm their hands with tea on this Novermber night. The event was made more interesting by the addition of a photo exhibition called Forms of generosity displayed at the Casino building.

St Martin’s Day celebration in numbers:

1 horse and one horseman

3 geese

A dosen of musicians and volunteers

Aproximative 1600 participants

Representatives of 20 kindergarten and school groups

50 kg of bread and 20 kg of dripping (traditional spread)

250 l of tea


We would like to thank every participant for sharing this evening with us. We would also like thank our partners, the Petry and Culina Nostra companies for their contribution to the delicious feast; the Szilaj Lovastanya for the presence of the animals; and last but not least the Kallós Zoltán School and Csanád Antal and band the for music.

Nature activities with the NECC



It’s already spring, we are talking a lot about the changes in nature, but we want to learn more about plants and animals. This is the reason why on March 25 we were visited by the NECC (Nature Educational Community Center).  The members of the group are biologist and ecologist committed to pedagogy. After a short discussion, the children had the opportunities to try a lot of interesting games and instruments, like magnifying glass or binocular.

At this activity-centered event the NECC, using the methods of experiential education, did create a friendly atmosphere, so the children would gain knowledge on amusing, distracting way about nature.


Camp for primary school students


During the one week break between semesters,  we organize the STORIES theme camp for primary school students in our organization.  Every day a story will be processed with the help of experiential education, drama, puppets,  movements and creative art. We believe that this break is an opportunity for children to detach from the daily routines. That’s why we offer a homelike atmoshere for new experiences, knowledge and the possibility to make new friends during activities that are exiting and relaxing as well.

If the weather conditions allow us these activities will be held in our pretious garden, and we also offer the opportunity  of afternoon nap, or helping out with the homework.

Waiting to meet you all curious, friendly and playful children, every day from 7.00 am. untill 8.00 pm. between 8-12 February!!!

Participation fee: 200 ron + food

Information:, 0745372676