Dear parenting community!


The Department of Education on Tuesday released specific details on how to enroll in kindergarten.


Re-subscription period: May 25-June 5


In this way, the parents confirm their decision that the child will continue to study in the institution.


It was explained that all 5-year-olds should be included in the education system, as this age group is already part of compulsory education.


You can find the relevant type form attached. The completed and signed copy, photographed or copied, should be sent by e-mail to info@mikoovoda.ro.


For newcomers, enrollment in kindergarten takes place in two stages, between June 8 and July 3, and July 20 and August 10.


To register, you need: a copy of the child’s birth certificate, a copy of the parents’ identity card, a completed and signed copy of the application (attached), a questionnaire to help us get to know the child (attached). Kindergarten regulations and the contract will be completed at a later date. The completed and signed application, as well as a copy of the required documentation, photographed or copied, should be sent by e-mail to info@mikoovoda.ro.


Registration/re-registration can also take place in person (in compliance with safety regulations), but only by prior arrangement, if interested parties so request. Phone number: 0745 372 676


Best regards, the management of Mikó kindergarten




Fisa de Reinscriere

Birds and Trees Day


This week we focused on Birds and Trees Day and Father’s Day. In our activities we could hear many rhymes, songs, tales, which revealed what the chirping of the birds is like, what the birds look like, what kind of birds we know, but we also learned how to plant a tree and why trees are important. We brought a handicraft activity, for which we mostly used residual materials. We didn’t forget about the exercise either, as our physiotherapist Bea surprised us with a gymnastics video that included a jumping school, a movement rhyme, but also showed us how to make an obstacle course from broken tree branches. Speaking of this special day, we made a special fabulous video for our preschoolers, based on Éva Fésűs’ tale The Swing.


On Father’s Day, we were preparing for the fathers with surprise. Involving moms, we surprised dads with a video compilation in which kids say nicer-than-kind things about what’s best about dad. The video has become very heartwarming!


Here is the tale created by the teachers of Mikó kindergarten:

Mother’s Day


This week we prepared for Mother’s Day. We also organized our poems and rhymes around this topic and tried to learn a rhyme that we could then tell our mother. We talked about how we can help Mom and found that by giving her a lot of kisses, packing our toys, hugging her a lot of times, or just helping her water flowers. On Mother’s Day, we prepared a special surprise for the mothers in which our accomplices were the dads. The children told in a heartwarming video why they love mom. We made the tree of love, which we could give there decorated with many hearts. We also made a drawing of our mother, because mother is always the most beautiful!

Éva Janikovszky: Answer nicely if you are asked


As part of the Tales from Mikó project, our teachers have now displayed the ingenious work of Éva Janikovszky. The family tale is an excellent illustration of the importance of asking and answering well. In our virtual meetings, in addition to rhymes and songs, the conversation is also very important, so we learn to ask and answer questions nicely. We pay special attention to listening to everyone and paying attention to our peers.


We try to suggest as many programs as possible to our preschoolers that are really fun and useful as well. Thus, in our program recommendation we placed great emphasis on puppet shows and various musical entertainments. Our nannies pay close attention to our health, as they surprise us with healthy and delicious recipes.


Receive the tale with love!

Shadow play – healthy eating


Healthy eating is also very important during this period, which we conveyed to the children in a special way this week. Teacher Erika surprised the children with a shadow play. The tale is about a little boy named Gergő who eats a lot of sweets, but never brushes his teeth. We talked to the kids about what foods have a lot of vitamin elves in them, and we’ve found that most are in fruits and vegetables. From these we will be strong, healthy and this will protect our teeth. This is because the best way to protect our teeth is to eat our favorite fruits instead of sweets, and to wash them always.


To protect our health, our nannies surprised us with easy-to-prepare, very delicious and healthy recipes, preparing these can be a lot of fun for kids and parents alike. The importance of vitamins was also brought to the attention of the children by our assistant through a lovely video.


To keep an eye on the exercise, our dear folk dance teacher made a really hilarious song for us, which we can use to move our bodies and revive our folk dance knowledge. And our physiotherapist Bea showed us a very varied set of exercises.


Here is the tale:

Earth Day


We organized our week around Earth Day. In our activities, we talked about how we can protect our Earth, what the Earth looks like, what colors we can see on the Globe. We put a lot of emphasis on nature conservation. In our handicraft session, we had the opportunity to create the Earth using a special technique. We demonstrated the preparation of the Earth using puffy paint. Our poems and rhymes were also defined by this theme, so we brought you a poem on this theme! We formed the world from plasticine, as we imagined.

April Fool’s Day


We have gathered the April themed poems. Welcome the voice, smile, creation of our dear preschoolers. The poems are capable of miracles, as is April, our most whimsical month.

Tales of Mikó – The Soap Went


This week, as part of the Tales of Mikó, we brought Katalin Varga’s story The Soap Went to the children. Teacher Erika and her family performed a really nice, lovable video. Just as soap cleanses everything along the way of itself, so we must now pay attention to hygiene now. We talked to the kids about why hand washing and proper bathing are important, when and how to wash our hands. As a handicraft, we offered a very easy to make mosaic game in which the creativity of the children can unfold.


Making the mosaic: We cut out regular geometric shapes from any stronger cardboard. It is worth making sure that the different shapes have equal lengths. Can be colored with watercolor, tempera, felt-tip pen. Then the creation can begin.


We didn’t forget about the exercise either, so we could move our body parts to different rhymes and songs. The children mastered the new rhymes very skillfully and also recited the old ones with great enthusiasm.


And here’s the tale of The Soap Went:

Stay cheerful!


It’s important to stay cheerful at home to. Play with us!