Preschool education


The rythm of our activities emerges around daily, weekly routins , including special holidays and calendaristic events to sustain inner sense of security.

The majority of the activities happens outdoor, to mantain a nature close realtionship with children living in the wilderness of the city. The daily routins are built in a way, that curricular activities are in balance with playing and movement. Children have the possibility to expand their knowledge and gather information thru out active activities, like fun speech therapy sessions, excursions, according to age and personal development.

Our main goal is to develop children observing skill in a way that they would be able to think independently and become active personalities. The school beside the transfer of traditional values, and establishing a secure atmosphere, is centered around the goal of acceptance and respect for children personality. Our strenght lies in the small group structures providing a familiar atmosphere.

The teaching team belives that educating a balanced, happy, curious, open minded child success lies in the cooperation with the families.

Our optional activites are: swimming, tenis, ski, folk dance, english, physiotherapy, family art and craft.

Small group activites are available for children not speeking hungarian and willing to learn. We also offer school preparatory activities too.

The majority of our used materials are natural raw materials.

Your place is with us if your age is between 1,5 and 6 years!!