Birds and Trees Day


This week we focused on Birds and Trees Day and Father’s Day. In our activities we could hear many rhymes, songs, tales, which revealed what the chirping of the birds is like, what the birds look like, what kind of birds we know, but we also learned how to plant a tree and why trees are important. We brought a handicraft activity, for which we mostly used residual materials. We didn’t forget about the exercise either, as our physiotherapist Bea surprised us with a gymnastics video that included a jumping school, a movement rhyme, but also showed us how to make an obstacle course from broken tree branches. Speaking of this special day, we made a special fabulous video for our preschoolers, based on Éva Fésűs’ tale The Swing.


On Father’s Day, we were preparing for the fathers with surprise. Involving moms, we surprised dads with a video compilation in which kids say nicer-than-kind things about what’s best about dad. The video has become very heartwarming!


Here is the tale created by the teachers of Mikó kindergarten:

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