Tales of Mikó – The Soap Went


This week, as part of the Tales of Mikó, we brought Katalin Varga’s story The Soap Went to the children. Teacher Erika and her family performed a really nice, lovable video. Just as soap cleanses everything along the way of itself, so we must now pay attention to hygiene now. We talked to the kids about why hand washing and proper bathing are important, when and how to wash our hands. As a handicraft, we offered a very easy to make mosaic game in which the creativity of the children can unfold.


Making the mosaic: We cut out regular geometric shapes from any stronger cardboard. It is worth making sure that the different shapes have equal lengths. Can be colored with watercolor, tempera, felt-tip pen. Then the creation can begin.


We didn’t forget about the exercise either, so we could move our body parts to different rhymes and songs. The children mastered the new rhymes very skillfully and also recited the old ones with great enthusiasm.


And here’s the tale of The Soap Went:

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