Family, community


The topic of this week was the family. During the activities, we talked about our family members, as well as how we help our mother, father, brother or grandmother. We surprised our preschoolers with a special tale about our kindergarten being like a big family in which we turn to each other helpfully, kindly and affectionately.



We invited the kids to a fun activity that the whole family could take part in. We made a family hand picture in which it was possible to observe who has a bigger hand, how the colors mix and how the soap foam will be colored.


Our nannies gave us a wonderful recipe for elder syrup, as this treat is very popular in our kindergarten. But exercise couldn’t be left out of our week either. Our physiotherapist showed us a special and very easy to do ball tournament. Not only proper exercise but also proper nutrition is very important for our health. Our smiling nurse gave tips on how to smuggle healthy sweets into our diet.


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