Our school has the material condition needed to accomplish the goals of the educational program. The supplies that are used by the children are easy to reach, at hand and comply with the safety rules of playing.

The main characteristics of the building and surroundings 

Our location is at a 3 minute walk from the center of Kolozsvar city. It’s far enough from the urban bustle, providing a silent island for the children, with a big yard and a cozy building. The indoor facilities are built to provide comfort and security. The bathrooms have: 3 sinks, 2-2 toilet seats, 1-1 shower, which covers the health and cleaning needs.

The building also has 3 classrooms, a dining room, speech therapist and psychologist office, the nurses office, a bedroom. The school has a 700 m2 green surface, the backyard, which is equipped in a safe, stimulating way to provide the daily motion, fresh air, and space for outdoor activities to create meaningful experiences. The equipment is suitable for kindergarten and preschool children, and is developed as time passes.

The school provides perfect opportunities for the working staff and for receiving parents as well.

Play time and teaching activities 

The school has exceptional teaching equipment thanks to the high level of the teaching staff, the enthusiastic, helpful parents. The community of parents is involved in helping to expand the teaching equipment and also assists in the development of the school yard. By their material help we are expending the toy inventory as required. Our approach is, that next to the classical toys we offer skill and ability development, by special equipment suitable for this goal.

Story books and reference books

We constantly develop the bibliotheca of the school, according to the needs. We cover each age necessities with storybooks, informative books, keeping up with the changes in offers. And also use teachers reference books.